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So sorry it has been awhile since I have posted anything, but I have been trying to gather myself and figure out the direction I need to take to keep on the path for Justice. The latest update is they will not file charges on the cop or the guard and this is why, cause apparently even though my daughters insides where tore up they were only able to get enough DNA to say it was male but not enough to say who. Now lets use common sense shall we. My daughter was sexually assaulted on Saturday December 21st, 2019 and reported it on same date and was not taken for rape kit until Monday two days later and that is only after she was finally allowed to call me on this day as well after being locked up for two days she is finally allowed to call me and that is when she tells me what the cop did to her and then late that night is when they take her for rape kit now think again she was in custody not running the streets but in custody so where else would that DNA come from and it makes me so mad at the stupidity of some people including the ones that were doing the investigation with with assistance of the local police that harmed my daughter. And when my daughter returned to the jail she was sodimized and again they waited two days after the fact to take her for another rape kit so am i the only one that sees a problem with this entire shit show.. I am getting so tired of the law and how they have no regards to human life or the law themselves. They knew what they where doing and they can trust that I will not stop I will make sure that Justice is served cause lets be reminded that this same cop has assaulted many and they wont always be scared or intimidated and as well with that guard I was told Jorden wasn't the only one that she had sodimized or conducted an illegal search on and hurt the inmate and trust me they will do the same. And I honestly believe that when this is said and done there will be many more cops and many more guards that will be seeing the world from behind bars. Karma is coning and she is coming fast. I ask that when you see, or hear anyone disrespecting my daughter or any other victim I pray you use your voice and defend them as that is what I continue to be is a loud voice for those that don't or are afraid to use there own. Lets stand up against these bullies, I know I wont. As long as things in this world don't get to out of hand my next step is too travel to Chicago and meet with a couple Senators to get this change rolling so no more families have to be in live this life, making sure that law enforcement of every branch is held accountable for their actions on and off duty. I have been using my truck as a roiling billboard to bring light to what has happened and to let all know they silenced my daughter and they wont silence me...Here are just a couple photos I will post the last one tomorrow as I just realized I didn't take any of my completed tailgate, I plan on covering my truck from front to back to remind them that Justice 4 All is coming

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