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Why an entire website?

As I was laying in bed with my husband and as usual my mind going in circles about life and everything in it, I got to thinking about why did I create a website? It's expensive, it has to be maintained, updated, have to make sure to post new updates and new blogs, so as I kept going at it from every angle that my mind could remember, it became so clear to me. I created the website as a why to document this new life I now have to live without my daughter and to document the days I have to look over my shoulder waiting for law enforcement to come silence me to keep me from bringing the corruption to light and the most important is to be able to tell my daughter's story, from childhood all the way to her tragic death. I want people to see the real side of my Jordie not the one that police try to make of her.

In all cases involving the police it is so important that we remember that with all victims they have a life before that moment in which they found themselves in custody of law enforcement. Law enforcement will go above and beyond to lie to shed the worst possible light of our loved ones to justify killing our beautiful children. I am a firm believer that if law enforcement was held accountable then they would think twice before pulling the trigger, cutting off air ways, killing and covering up to be suicide, to be held accountable for forged paperwork, theft and I could go on and on with the things they should be held accountable for just like everyone else. I am asked why I have attitudes with all cops and the answer is I don't I do have a problem with the ones that know exactly what their boys in blue are doing and they don't say a damn thing for me that makes them just as guilty. Oh damn this just hit me I guess the bad cops are silencing the other cops, i guess they should be lucky they aren't being silenced like Jorden was.

I'm gonna have to continue this later I keep having computer issues and Im going crazy over it, just what i have typed so far has taken me several hours.

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