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On December 28, 2019 our lives were forever changed by an unthinkable tragedy. A 28 year old beautiful mother, daughter, sister and niece gone too soon -Jorden was arrested Saturday, December 21st by Safford Police Department, Safford, AZ. While incarcerated Jorden reported to her jailers that she had been raped by a Safford police officer. She was taken to Sierra Vista for a rape test (which has since returned positive - awaiting DNA results). Upon her return to the Graham County Detention Center in Safford, AZ,  she was strip searched by a female deputy that sodomized her with an unknown object. She was refused immediate medical treatment for the sodomy. For the next several days she pleaded with her mom, Deborah Sanchez, to get her out of there. She was afraid. She knew something bad was going to happen. Deborah was trying but couldn’t make it happen fast enough. On Thursday, December 26th Deborah arrived for her scheduled visit with Jorden and was met by 3 deputies informing her that Jorden was not there and they could not disclose her whereabouts. As the day progressed no phone call ever came from Jorden. Around 10 PM that evening, Deborah received a call that her daughter had been involved in an incident and was being flown to Banner University in Tucson. She arrived at the hospital to find her sweet baby girl broken, mangled and brain dead. The story we have gotten is that she had been transported to Sierra Vista for a second medical evaluation and had been referred to Mount Graham Regional Medical Center in Safford, AZ for further examination. According to statements given by the Graham County Sherrif, just two blocks from the destination, on a 35 MPH stretch of road, Jorden allegedly slipped her hand cuffs, belly chain and shackles and jumped from the moving transport vehicle. Jorden never would regain consciousness. She succumbed to her injuries on 12/28/2019 after Deborah had to make the excruciating decision to remove Jorden's ventilator - we were given no hope for any recovery from the injuries she had sustained.
As a result of this nightmare we are living, we have had an unbelievable amount of people reach out to us that have suffered similar tragedies such as police brutality, and suspicious inmate deaths. Current laws protect law enforcement officials from civil litigation for death or injury caused "in the line of duty". A victim or victim's family cannot pursue the personal assets of law enforcement officials. While we understand that there would be little to gain by seeking financial compensation from such individuals rather than from the municipalities with which they are employed, we feel like corruption and violence against inmates would be reduced significantly if the individuals financial livelihood were at risk. If an officer or guard is following procedure and acting lawfully in the line of duty they wouldn't run the risk of jeopardizing their personal finances. Those law enforcement officials that hide behind their shield, so to speak, would have one more possible repercussion to consider before they cross that line. We want this layer of protection lifted! We want law enforcement officials to be liable criminally and civilly for the crimes they commit "in the line of duty".We want to reduce the chance of this happening to someone else's loved one.

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