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We have two events coming up with the first one on October 8th, 2020 and this will be event for what would have been Jorden's 29th birthday will the release of balloons and attaching personal messages to the balloons as they ascend towards heaven and having cupcakes and water in which I will supply and myself and my baby sister Misty will be baking the cupcakes that Jorden seemed to bake every time she felt the urge I thought this would be fitting. Brings back the memory of Ashley and Jordens past birthdays when they were in school and if their birthday fell on a school day I would bake or purchase cupcakes for and take them to the school so they could celebrate with their classroom and this is something I do with my grandkids, brings tears to my eyes I wish I was able to do it for Jorden's babies I miss them so much.. I don't think I will ever understand why or what I could of possibly done to deserve this living hell.

Time for me to move onto the second event which will be on November 22nd, 2020 and this event will be lead by Gregg Greer President and Founder of Freedom First International as soon as I get the time of the rally I will post it. I'm so grateful for what Bishop Greer and that is bring awareness to the problem that seems to be growing within law enforcement and bring justice for all. So please be on the look out for updates on this event and I look forward in seeing all of you at both these events and remember we are so much stronger in numbers and a force that will be heard.

In the upcoming days I am going to start blogging more on the case with my husband reminding me and encouraging me to keep going as everytime I relive this tragedy it takes me down for a few days it is so painful it affects me mentally and physically. So until the next blog I want to say thank you to everyone :-)

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