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movie 480p movie 1280x720 movie 848x480 movie 640x480 I... have to go now, but I'll be back later to clean up with you, me?_ wish me luck, me? Hi, I'm trying to upgrade the kernel to 3.10 on ubuntu 12.04. I have apt-get install linux-generic-lts-saucy linux-headers-generic-lts-saucy linux-image-generic-lts-saucy and it says the package are already the newest version. How can I force the update? lupulo, you can try 'apt-get dist-upgrade' JimBuntu, will do That might be a very bad idea, but if you just want a new kernel (and know what you are doing)... JimBuntu, right i need a new kernel because the nvidia drivers fail Then I would do the upgrade and then wait at least 30 minutes for it to fully upgrade and reboot. JimBuntu, it will reboot? lupulo, it will reboot in that state. It will not be locked out. Once it is fully upgraded, you may get a prompt to reboot. JimBuntu, ok, thanks, will do that JimBuntu, wow, the upgrade is running, looks like it's stuck in a loop on installing packages lupulo, that is good, that means it is fully upgrading to Saucy. This would be a good time to upgrade and reboot. lupulo, if you get the prompt to reboot, you should do so, if not, then log in through SSH, and wait. JimBuntu, ok, rebooting now hey all, any know what time saucy will release tomorrow? JimBuntu, everything went fine, thanks I hope that 3.10 has better support for nvidia lupulo,



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Khalnayak Full Movie 720p Download holmper

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