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Time to go Live

Starting tomorrow March 24th, 2021 I am going to try and see if doing live video blog is easier on me than typing through my emotions and heartbreak. It gets so bad as you can see I dont get on here and say anything for quite awhile. With every strike of the key board trying to see through the tears and typing through the different stages and trying to correct errors as I go is frustrating when your trying to release the truth and have everyone understand the pain and understand what my daughter endured starting on December 21st, 2019 all the way until Lacey and Perez and lord only knows who else played their part in brutality tearing and beating my daughter up and throwing her from that vehicle CAUSE SHE DID NOT JUMP I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY!!! iIt will be easier for everyone to understand where i am coming from if i am able to explain it freely without all these obstacles I face every time I try to type from my heart so please look for it tomorrow I will try to get a campaign going got these new video blogs and i hope soon to be able to have other mothers or fathers to be able to get onto this website and tell their story about their loved one and how law enforcement abused their power and ended their child's life.

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