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Still Pushing On

I didn't realize it had been that long since my last post until i noticed all the drafts I had that I was unable to finish and anyone that has lost a child knows that it is the most painful thing to look back at memories and know that you wont be able to make anymore with your child that what you have is it and it crushes you because if we had known we would have done so much more and then again if we knew our child would still be with us and we wouldn't be dying on the inside, while trying to keep going for our family that is still living and it proves to be such a challenge everyday cause being caught up in this personal hell I'm failing to make memories with my daughters, my husband and my grandchildren cause now my only memory I am making is the daily battle to get Justice for Jorden and so many others that has had their rights and bodies violated while dealing with the corrupt law enforcement as they spin their stories and cover up the truth to save their own ass and so crushed that not one person with in these agencies has a conscience or heart not to mention o back bone to stand up and tell the truth and stand up for what is right!! So because of this I am forced to put grieving my daughter away and use my rage, my anger, and my undying love for my daughter and fight with absolutely no support from the community and no support even from some family members and yet I would be that person that would stand beside them if roles were reversed. My support has been from Jorden's friends in which I will be eternally grateful, my husband, my daughters, my sisters even my friends that I consider my family and total strangers from one end of the globe to the other that are no longer strangers that rally with me on this long journey and they are the ones that without them I don't think I would be sitting at my computer typing this blog. More than half of my new friendships suffer the same hell I walk in everyday and the numbers of the families affected by police murdering our loved ones and even police brutality is not acceptable by no means and how the law has been written up to protect these evil men and women in blue is crap. So I will continue on with this journey until there are laws that protect our loved ones and punish the corrupt law enforcement cause my honest opinion is that these cops are the ones in life that couldn't get laid so now they abuse their power as a cop raping and sexually assaulting telling the victim that no one would ever believe them because they are the law and then there are the ones that were bullied in high school so now they will handcuff a victim and beat the hell out of them again abusing their power and hiding behind a badge for me they are pathetic and need to be sitting in a cell getting some serious therapy. And for the ones that know what is going on and they say nothing they are just as guilty and should be punished as well. I don't care what is thrown at me I wont stop its time for change and the time is right now.

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