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The truck is taking longer than expected the person that we were paying to do the artwork would come for about an hour or so then leave for meeting said he would return but just didn’t mention he was returning days later and this cycle reoccurred up until he just didn’t come back teaching me a valuable lesson and leaving the truck without any art so true to my nature I will be doing it myself some how some way. It means more to me than anyone knows as I want all victims of Police Brutality to sign the truck as well the families of those who have been murdered by Police I want them to sign the names of their loved ones to become a rolling memorial of sorts with Apryl Crick being the first to sign the truck bringing her and I full circle. So stay tuned more to come and Jordens website will be the only place I will post photos and video. Please note truck has been offroad so look past the dirt and wish me luck as I try to start artwork as stick ppl is all I know:-)#Stoppolicebrutality, #justice4jorden, #justice4all, #holdlawenforcrmentaccountable

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