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Justice is Blind When You See Both Sides Of Hurt And Anger

As I Introduce My Self I am Deborah husband Marty and jordens Step Father .with That I hope All you Are Well ,As I Seen Both sides of how law enforcement works and the cover ups that have ran threw are county that have been pushed aside and buried and life goes on in this town,,i never I My Life Imagine This Would Happen to Deborah and i At we were in 3 months into new marriage , with me as former worker 15yrs at the Az Dept of Corrections and Last 6 years of that Transporting inmates from 1 to 40 at a time and having 9yrs with U.S Army and reserves i Have Alot Knowledge.and im Just Blown Away How This Could Happen the Hurt and and anger is unreal and is beyond explaining i see it and hear it and feel it...

As normal and as big this murder of just has just been unchecked with a lot still Unanswered questions And so much information that has been told to use but people are to afraid to speak up and deborah still gets up everyday with the pain in her heart and body the year and days go on finding out nothing is being done to the officers involved ,,,open your eyes it can happen to any child or family and friends of yours.thank you for your time as we continue this fight.

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