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Jorden's 29th Birthday Balloon Release October 8th, 2020

tI was a rough day knowing I was baking cupcakes getting

balloons. helium, decorations and candles for my daughter that is no longer here. I kept thinking about past birthdays where she would be in the kitchen licking the bowl after I would put her cake in the oven just smiling cause she knew she was getting presents and she could hardly wait to open them and of course she couldn't wait to go join her friends at the fair as almost every year her birthday fell on the week of the Graham County Fair. I am so grateful for everyone that showed up to write her a message and attach it to the balloon that was released and I could only hope that one day those messages will find there way to her. I'm grateful for her sister

Ashley for continuing the tradition of blowing out the candles for her sister with the help of the littles as Jorden always called her niece, nephew and cousins I just wish I was mentally well enough to have joined in more but it was more heartache. Anthony Garcia was the love of Jorden's life and her to his as no matter how hard I tried to keep these two apart it never worked cause Jorden just knew she could never leave him and on this night he had wrote a letter to Jorden for her birthday and I am grateful to my sister Misty for reading it aloud for all to hear and with every word you could feel his love and heartbreak, it had most listening fighting back the tears. I wish I could say that with every stroke of the key board I felt healing but unfortunately I don't as today is no easier than it was almost a year ago..I wish I would have spent less time on tough love and just took every moment good or bad that would of given me more time with my little girl time I will never get back. I am having issues getting the videos to upload so please check back

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