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Jorden's 29th Birthday Balloon Release

It was a rough day knowing I was baking cupcakes without Jordie being in the kitchen wanting to lick the bowl, the spoon, the whisk and always leaving evidence on her beautiful face, getting the

balloons filled with helium and ingesting some so we could talk funny and laugh so hard we could of peed our pants, and then the decorations and the 29 candles for my daughter that is no longer here to make her wish upon. I kept thinking bout past birthdays and so sad cause I wasn't ever again going to see her smiling cause she knew presents were coming something she reminded me weeks ahead of time as to what she really wanted and I could see in her face she was hoping that she was going to get just that but must remember the jokester side pf Jorden and where she got it from was me so I was always made sure to get things she didn't ask for like socks, underwear and wrap them and leave her thinking that was all she had gotten and once she was done pouting I would tell her oops I forgot these and as she unwrapped the presents I knew a smile would be appearing, and oh how I loved seeing her so happy and excited plus her birthday always fell the week of the Graham County Fair so she knew she would be riding rides and hanging out with her friends. Supporting and raising my girls was no easy task so when I was able to get them what they wanted made my heart happy like every mom I wanted to give my girls the world. So this 29th birthday I didn't get to pull a prank I didn't see her eyes light up with excitement I didn't get to sing to her and tell her how much I love her or see her gorgeous smile or hear her infectious laugh. I get so angry that they took my baby girl from me and robbed us of memories. I am that mother that would throw a birthday party even in thier 40's just because I love to see my daughters smile and laugh. And watching them throw parties for their own children and to see the things from their parties passed down to my grandchildren would bring me great joy, and Jordies babies will never get to have their mom throw them their birthday parties ever again and because of this corrupt Department of Child Services in Safford I will never get to pass it on for their mother and that kills me. I tried to add photos for her 29th birthday but seem to be having issues so I will keep trying and hopefully have success in doing so.

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