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As Jorden's mother it is so hard reading the comments by people that pretend to know what happened to my daughter and they know nothing and I live everyday knowing she was murdered. Law Enforcement did nothing but start covering their crooked tracks the minute they started doing god awful sadistic things to my daughter in her cell causing one man to live with the nightmares the rest of his life and Jorden's haunting screams and screaming out Mommy and he screamed back telling them to stop but his pleas where ignored I’m grateful he made sure I knew the truth of what was happening to my little girl. They fired one guard only one for sending nude, raunchy pics to inmate well let me tell you something he wasn’t the only one but only one of several that expected sexual favors for allowing an inmate their civil rights something they should have without being sexually assaulted, abused and mistreated and in my daughters case her life taken because she told... In one of her jail phone calls she tells ,me "mommy I'm scared" I promise you my daughter didn't think her life would end for using her voice if anything she thought she would stop this corrupt law enforcement that patrols all of Graham County after all Safford cops patrol Thatcher and Pima and then Pima cops patrol Thatcher, Safford so they go and patrol wherever they want to just as they have chosen of course only Safford cops to harass me, my sisters and anyone else that shows support for Jorden, but that is okay just the base for another lawsuit, and if their superiors had any common sense they should know and pass it down I mean what I say and regardless of what they do to me I will continue to get louder, silence ME I THINK NOT!!!!! I wont stop until JUSTICE is SERVED so the ppl that have keyed the headlight on my Audi while it was parked in shopping center parking lot and spit on the passenger side door handle and then keyed the driver side of my Dodge truck starting on rear passenger door all the way down the side to my brake light well if they think it will keep me quite think again. Now lets move onto the city of Globe, Arizona that forced local store owner to remove the mural of my beautiful daughter that Myron Starr painted, all I can say must of hit a nerve with the guilty as they passed by and seen her larger than life face and smile all I can say is as soon as I get funds to pay Joe Roaneagle and Myron Starr I am going to have them paint that beautiful face of my daughter right on the hood of my truck and paint the story for all to see everywhere I go.

I have learned through my research and my new friendships with the mothers and family members that too have lost their child to law enforcement that JUSTICE 4 ALL needs to start in Washington DC and work our way down and get the attention that's needed for change

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