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Greenlee County Sherrif!! Why don’t law enforcement come for me instead of my kid???

Boyce Butler my daughters soon to be ex husband got her arrested by Greenlee County cops this man has abused my daughter and handed her to Greenlee County cops that illegally searched her and her purse then handed HER car off to Boyce they locked her up and put her on suicide watch just like her sister. Marty’s ex baby momma works for Graham County jail and she’s the one that operates the cameras and turns them when a guard or cop feels the need to sexually assault or beat an inmate so Susan Hill Patton did Greenlee county contact you to get advice on turning the cameras so they can sodimize or rape my daughter Ashley??? The female cop for Clifton police was rude and unfeeling even after knowing what happened to Jorden… I hope they all rot in hell… I deleted my Facebook account and I’m getting ready to clean house with family and friends and say screw this life I trust no one and that’s a sad place to be in life no one means what they say and talk behind your back and I say talk on I hope Boyce Butler of Morenci employed by FMI gets a dose of his own medicine and I hope one day they all get to feel my pain and they feel it over and over. No one gives a shit about my daughter or my daughter Jorden and the torture she endured by law enforcement but ppl will try to get me to think they care I know I’m in this alone cause no one wants to get involved in something that has nothing to do with them.. all law enforcement is corrupt don’t care what anyone says I have a daughter in jail right now being mistreated so my question is why not come for me???? cause you will lose that’s why PTSD IS AN UGLY DEMON

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