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Going National & International

Let me start off by apologizing again for the time between each post. I have been trying to get the Justice4Jorden gear done so my niece Katy could add them to the website and unfortunately will be a little bit before the next t-shirts get out as someone stole my niece Ally’s iPad and she is the one creating the new design plus she is a flight attendant and is up in the air more than on land so I’m learning patience it will be totally worth it and one of a kind. We had our press release on November the 20th, 2020 with Bishop Gregg Greer Founder of Freedom First International leading the way and to whom I will be forever grateful for the time he took from his already busy schedule and fly all the way Illinois. During our meeting between Bishop Greer, Marty and myself it was an unanimous decision to take Jorden's Justice National and International as we do not seem to have any support locally. I will be starting a go fund me page to pay for the expenses needed to fund everyday living as I continue to work towards change and making law enforcement accountable for their actions as no one should ever be mistreated while in custody or locked up all civil rights should be upheld to the fullest, and for me to continue to work and design the justice gear that will be available by donation as well to assist with the start up of a foundation in Jorden's name in which this foundation is to make sure resources are available to those who need them and to help families that have forever been impacted by cops killing their children and as well to those that have had their civil rights violated. This foundation will also have services for those that wish to make a change in their life but need that extra help to succeed with their goals, making sure that no one is set up for failure but to exceed their own expectations. I will make sure that every decision I make is one that my daughter would want and be proud of. Jorden had a heart of gold and a beautiful soul and I will see that her death was not in vain but to make change and to get law makers to see the need and to hear the cry of the people. THE TIME IS NOW AND I WONT STOP UNTIL THE JOB IS DONE AND FAIMILIES GET THE JUSTICE DESERVED AND NO MORE TRAGEDY AT THE HANDS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT . Soon you will be seeing my girls and my husband writing blogs on here sharing their stories and memories of life with my one of a kind Jorden Marie and all things that made her special to all of us.

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