I have been wanting to do another blog but I am in such SHOCK, DISBELIEF, DEVASTATED and HEARTBROKEN all over again.. what is wrong with this world and how can they sleep at night protecting corrupt cops I bet if every soul went after the cops that took their life, families would get justice one way or another and I honestly wouldn’t care as justice is justice for our loved ones.. I have been so sick since Friday when I had to leave my daughter Ashley alone on the Web meeting so I could throw up. Now I believe I have a sinus and ear infection partially my fault as I had forgotten several days in a row to take my selenium and thyroid meds... I hope the other victims know I’m not stopping im Going to continue and give me a couple days to put full blog out here as we were I’m sure all of you will be interested in their cover up lies... my kids at the age of 5 could of told better more buevable stories than these did, I will let you be your own judge

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