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Another year behind us!

Most everyone is trying to recoup from the holidays and getting things back in place and back in order or thinking about following through with their New Years Resolutions. For me there is no holiday stuff to recoup from, since Jorden’s murder I don’t decorate, I don’t put up a tree nor do we put up lights. Presents as they are called are not given on Christmas or Christmas Eve and I prefer to not give them anywhere near the 21st thru the 28th I’m far from being alright on those dates and even after, if I’m gonna be honest that entire month of December I’m worthless and struggle more than ever with my PTSD. I had several ppl say Merry Christmas to me and if I didn’t respond back with its only because I can’t even say the words I mean no disrespect I just physically and mentally can’t say it. For me there is nothing Merry about it as the joy and laughter it use to bring died with Jorden. I do hope it was what you wanted it to be. I’m just sad they took more than my daughters life they robbed all of us the joy we use to feel. With all that there was no transition for us just another day, just another sad day.

Here it is 2022 and fighting for justice has kept going forward and will continue. Still waiting to hear when court date is exactly. I’m thinking about asking if Jordens friends would be willing to write letters about their memories of Jorden and who she was as a person and if you don’t want to put your name as afraid of retaliation from law enforcement I would be totally ok with it being signed by anonymous and brief description as to why but nothing that would allow anyone to know who wrote the letter. Just keep remembering this all isn’t just for Jorden but all those that have reached out about their own personal hell with law enforcement I will continue to stand for you as well.

I have some new decals that I will get posted as soon as I can get some transfer tape..

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