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My fight for Justice

My name is Deborah I am a 49 year old certified MSHA Instructor , the mom of two daughters Ashley (30) & Jorden (28) and the proud grandma to 5 beautiful grandkids with Ashley blessing me with Lariah (11) , Westyn (7) & Jorden blessing me with Sophia (11), Tristian (8) and Olivia (6), I am also the wife to a wonderful man Marty (48) that continues to love me PTSD and all with our happily ever after turning into Freddy Kruger's Nightmare on Elm Street I have always hated scary movies but now I live it and it is the tragic sadistic end to my baby girl Jorden's life leaving her three babies without their mother, Ashley without her sister and me without my child. I never thought anything like this could of ever happened to my family and yet here I am trying to type my daughter's story with tear filled and swollen eyes . December 28th, 2019 two days after Christmas my daughter Jorden died from her injuries that were caused at the hands of the Graham County Detention Center and Safford PD and I will give the time line for the events that led to my daughters murder to silence her. Please bear with me as this is extremely hard for me to type out as I relive the tragedy that changed me forever.

On December 20th, 2019 Jorden left home with a friend to go hang out. She was arrested on Saturday December 21st, 2019 at Walmart she had been accused of shoplifting only for them to find the receipt for the items she was accused of stealing and then they said she had a warrant out for her arrest out of Yavapai County. While being held at Walmart I was told that they were really rough with Jorden throwing her against the wall, shoving her down and into a desk and after the rough treatment she was transported by Safford police officer Jeremiah French the same cop that had approached my daughter on several prior occasions and propositioned her for sexual acts and she had turned him down, French took Jorden to the Mt Graham hospital to be checked out and while at the hospital French shut his body camera off and himself and Jorden were placed in a room with no camera as well and was in this room with Jorden for approximately 2 hrs. and during this time he raped Jorden and once he was done raping her he transported her to the Graham County Detention Center and once there she reported her rape and once she did they locked her up into a cell with no clothes a hole in the floor for toilet and completely isolated saying she was suicidal which was a lie. I was not aware of the situation until Monday December 23rd, 2019 two days later as they did not allow Jorden to use the phone until then and that is when she told me about being raped by French and at that moment I lost my mind as I too was raped over two decades ago so I knew the pain my daughter was feeling and during this phone call she also informed me that she had not been taken to hospital for a rape kit. I did not hear from my daughter until Christmas eve when she told me that they took her to Sierra Vista December 23rd, 2019 late that night and when she had returned a female detention guard shoved something in her butt when she returned to the jail and that once again she reported the incident. I had scheduled a video visit at the jail on December 26th, 2019 at 2:00 pm and when I arrived at the jail I went and handed them mu drivers license and at that time I was told I would need to take my cell phone out to my vehicle and when I came back inside I sat and waited for over 30 minutes when 3 big guys come out of this door on the jail side and told me Jorden was not there and when I asked where she was I was told they could only tell me she was on a secure transport I was told I would have to reschedule my visit. I went out to my vehicle and called my husband and told him my concerns and that something did not feel right and I went home and tried to get ahold of a bondman to see what I needed to come up with to get her out of jail but had no luck as my voice was gone from yelling and crying. I called the jail around 6:00 pm on the 26th to find out why Jorden had not called me yet and was told that apparently she had not gone out to rec yet I told Marty again something was not right and then an hour later received a phone call from the jail informing me that Jorden had been in a incident and was being flown out to Banner hospital in Tucson in which I feel to the floor throwing the phone to Marty and telling him that they killed her to shut her up. Once we arrived at Banner in Tucson before we were even allowed to see her we were taken into a room to wait to speak with the doctor and what he told us is that there was nothing they could do for Jorden that her brain stem was smashed and massive bleeding in her brain along with bruising all I kept thinking was why and for God to take my life and spare hers. I remember walking towards her room and seeing a Graham County detention guard sitting in Jorden’s hospital room watching tv when I yelled at him to get the hell out that they made sure she wasn’t going anywhere or saying anything that they silenced her good and then walking up to my daughters hospital bed and losing it as she looked like she had been beat to death I remember yelling at her to give me a sign and begging her to wake up but she never did. Later we read cause mind you I had not heard one thing from the Safford or Graham county agencies regarding Jorden I read about it on the internet in which they said Jorden escaped her leg irons, belly chain, handcuffs, and seat belt with shower gel they said she took from the clinic in Sierra Vista and that Jorden disengaged the child locks and jumped only two blocks from the hospital and witness told me that the police left Jorden in the road for minutes before taking her to the hospital and they all stood around as if my daughter wasn’t dying but they wanted her dead cause she told on a cop and the boys in blue have to stand together and now my baby girl is gone forever.

I thank you for reading and please check back as this is where all updates on Jorden's Justice will be and look forward to this to become the spot we tell about many more getting Justice.. It started out for Jorden and ended up becoming about so many.

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